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PLEASE NOTE that Hercules Editions is not currently accepting submissions

Hercules Editions is a small independent press publishing just two poetry chapbooks a year. While we do accept unsolicited submissions, potential authors should understand this is an extremely selective process. We are currently receiving a large volume of submission requests, so we would be grateful if you read the criteria below to ensure your project is suitable for us, as we will not reply to authors’ queries not in keeping with these guidelines.


1. We do not publish first collections. We are looking for established poets who have published at least one full collection and who have built a reputation in the poetry world. 


2. We only publish chapbooks/pamphlet collections. We are looking for short poem cycles or single long poems of no more than 20 pages, so please do not contact us if you are seeking to publish a full-length collection. 


3. Our chapbooks contain visual material. Your sequence should have the potential to be illustrated or enhanced by visual material, such as original artwork, photographs, archival images, etc. We often commission the author to create the visual work or invite an artist to bring his or her vision to the project. We very seldom accept projects where the artwork and poems are already matched, as one of the aims of the press is to collaborate with the author to build a visual world around the text. 


4. We expect authors submitting their manuscripts to be familiar with our publications. If you are interested in being one of our authors, then please consider supporting us by buying a book from our current list. At the very least, we would expect you to have visited the book pages on our website. If you’re based in London, you may view our titles at the Poetry Library in the Royal Festival Hall, as they hold a full collection of our books.

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